Rewards and discipline

To provide a more effective learning environment for your child I will be implementing the following clasroom discipline plan. I ask for everyones cooperation and support. When a student breaks a school/classroom rule they will be given a "See Me" card to fill out. When a student accumulates 3 "See Me" cards they will be sent home for a parent signature. Serious miscondut will require immediate parent notification. Any student that does not receive any "See Me" cards for the month will earn a treat provided by the teacher and will get to choose a pass from the reward list. Those students that accumulate 1 or 2 "See Me" cards for the month will receive only the teacher treat.

Class rules are in place to allow all students the best opportunity to learn and are basically good manners. Please try your hardest to follow these daily.

Class Rules

1. Listen carefully.

2. follow directions the first time they are given.

3. Work quietly.

4. Complete work on time.

5. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

6.Keep our room neat and clean.

7. Be prepared.

8. Be kind with words and actions.

Rewards- lounge pass - homework pass - free time - sit by a friend - extra computer time

Consequences - warning -"See Me" card - note to parent - call to parent -sent to principal

Be prepared - this includes materials, assignments, and attitude.

Be polite and respectful - this includes interactions with all adults and peers.

Be responsible - this includes school work and behavior.